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  • Shiro Integration plugin question

    I am not sure if others have had this problem but I love pledbrook's ShiroIntegration plugin and i use it on most of my applications but the two classes ShiroUser and ShiroRole are both in the default package for the domain class when you run the quickstart script.

    I guess this question might be for Peter..but I keep getting exceptions in any of my controllers when I change anything when running grails run-app

    groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: ShiroUser for class: for example...

    For those who have moved this class into their root packages or other... what other classes do you have to move ? do you modify any of the plugin logic to support your change ?

    Peter...any chance you will move them out of the packageless world in a near release ?

    thanks a lot for a great plugin..

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    You should be fine to move the Shiro domain classes and the realm into a custom package. You might also want to move AuthController and SecurityFilters into packages, but that's probably less important.

    I'm thinking of updating the quick start command to honour packages specified in the "prefix" argument. So you would be able to run:

    grails quick-start --prefix=org.example.Shiro
    I'll probably deprecate the name of the command and replace it with 'shiro-quickstart' too.

    Version 1.1 of the plugin is on the verge of a release, but I want to try to get some more functional tests in, which requires time. I also wanted to get some proper docs done, but I guess it's better to get 1.1 out first at this point.



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      Shiro Integration updates

      Thanks Peter...
      the prefix idea is perfect.. because I have been looking to make sure the framework is appropriately embedded within my own classes.

      I hope you have this in 1.1... :-)