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  • where can i download the latest spring-security-core plugin?

    sorry for being a dunce, but the new plugin portal doesn't have a download option,
    so i'm assuming that we follow to 'source' which is now often(always?) on github.

    some of these plugin areas in github have tags sections which have version tagged zips for download.

    spring-security-core doesn't seem to?

    looking for latest

    was able to get it to download from a grails app via BuildConfig.groovy outside of corporate firewall,
    but i'm used to having to install these plugins manually into a local nexus corporate environment
    which requires downloading the zip file specifically first.

    any suggestions?

    i would be happy also to try to configure a proxy for our internal nexus, but it's not clear to me what url to use for grails plugins.

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    You can download plugin zips from and the latest spring-security-core plugin version is here:


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      awesome, thanks burt!

      are you aware of any particular reason these urls aren't front and center in the web ui of

      or maybe manually downloading the zips is mostly a fringe activity anyway...?


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        I think it's mostly an omission from when we redesigned the site. It can be useful to conveniently download the zip for situations like yours, but I think the old UI made the button too prominent and likely encouraged downloading over using the standard install mechanism. Feel free to add a request at though.


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          does this version of the core plugin contain the latests updates of java spring security ??
          I'm trying to use it for oauth2 and the grails oauth2 provider plugin it might not be working due to spring security core being out of date.

          could that be possible? is there a way to get the latests version of this plugin?

          Thanks in advance