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  • Exception in List (+5th page)

    Hi all,

    I'm starting a new project in Grails 2.0.3 and my application's list behavior is a quite rare...

    From the first to the fifth page the list method works perfectly, but if I click another page (6th for example) I get the following Exception:

    ERROR errors.GrailsExceptionResolver - IllegalArgumentException occurred when processing request: [GET] /GESCW/articulo/list - parameters:
    max: 10
    offset: 50
    Stacktrace follows:
    Message: null
    Line | Method
    ->> 53 | <init> in grails.orm.PagedResultList

    I was debugging my project and this happens in the "this.list=crit.list()" call in the PagedResultList method.

    My code is:

    Controller (in the list method):
    def results = articuloService.listInstance(params)


    def listInstance(params){
    params.max = Math.min(params.max ?'max') : 10, 100)
    def results = Articulo.createCriteria().list(
    max: params.max,
    offset: params.offset,
    sort: params.sort,
    order: params.order){}
    return results

    My Database Server is MySql 5.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English.


    Same result when I try to order by some fields (some not working, others only ASC order, ...)

    ************ EDIT 2 (FIXED) ***********
    I got this Exception because I declared the properties in the domain class as "float" and "int", I've changed it to "Float" and "Integer", in the database there were some rows with Null value in a float column:

    Thanks anyway and I hope this can help other people who has the same problem!
    Last edited by joseluis87; May 27th, 2012, 06:07 PM.