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  • Grails 2.0.0.RC1 hibernate-core.3.6.7.Final.Jar

    G'day all

    Note: tried using the mailing list, I cannot register ... see additional info at end of the post.

    I have a problem with Grails 2.0, where I am attempting to use the Envers hibernate annotations in my project using the src/java method described in the Grails documentation. The problem is simply that the Envers package is not resident in the C:\Users\<user>\.grails\ivy-cache\org.hibernate\hibernate-core\jars\hibernate-core-3.6.7.Final.jar file, and consequently the envers annotations are not available to the project.

    Should I modify BuildConfig.groovy to pick up hibernate-core from another location (I am not entirely sure where it is locating the jar file at the present - how do you check?)

    Here is a partial dump of my BuildConfig.groovy file showing the repositories:

    grails.project.dependency.resolution = {
    // inherit Grails' default dependencies
    inherits("global") {
    // uncomment to disable ehcache
    // excludes 'ehcache'
    log "error" // log level of Ivy resolver, either 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'debug' or 'verbose'
    checksums true // Whether to verify checksums on resolve

    repositories {
    inherits true // Whether to inherit repository definitions from plugins

    // uncomment these to enable remote dependency resolution from public Maven repositories
    //mavenRepo ""
    //mavenRepo ""
    //mavenRepo ""
    //mavenRepo ""
    //mavenRepo ""
    dependencies {
    // specify dependencies here under either 'build', 'compile', 'runtime', 'test' or 'provided' scopes eg.

    // runtime 'mysql:mysql-connector-java:5.1.16'


    Which organisation Springsource/Grails or Jboss/Hibernate is responsible for building the hibernate-core file?
    Is the behaviour deliberate or a bug, and if a bug who do I raise the Incident report with?

    Given that from hibernate 3.5.0 onwards, envers is part of hibernate core, I would expect the package to be there. I checked the, and the Envers package is definitely within the hibernate-core jar file within that archive. The distro JAR file size is also > 1MB larger than the ivy-cache version.

    Note: I tried using the mailing list, but after a substantial wait, I after a considerable wait, I get an error message indicating that my mail server could not deliver the message, i.e. 553 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.5.3 - chkuser) (state 14)

    Thanks and regards

    Dave Melvin