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  • Web page development in JSP is simple or not.

    The web page development in JSP is as simple as html except some tags which is used for the java coding.

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    It is true that JSP is a combination of HTML with some tags. But the usage and advanatges are more.

    HTML can be used only for static pages which no logic.JSP can be used for dynamic pages


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      I'd like to ask the same.
      Any answer please?


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        I think the answer depend on our position in development. As programmers <me too>, we had seen power and simple of Servlet and JSP, but it's not comfortable for designer and and it's true in contrary when we're mess with boilerplate of HTML and CSS code. So, I think we can solve this problem in some way <it's just ideas, because I'm inexperience programmer>:

        -Have good design template pattern (in graphic design) about how the web pages layout and where data change,...The idea come with me when I think about the way of Visual Studio work, where we had a Master Page then in other pages extend from it, we just place right component in Place Holder. So, the best way is : we must try to learn at least basic design skill and have good skill in HTML, CSS, DOM,..code. By this way, we can easy do everything in our way but it also take more times to develop.

        -Use open sources ( like : Apache Wicket, Apache Tapestry, GWT...) to help us separate layer in code.But, truth to tell, I don't like this way, because we make coupling and then when theses open sources update new version, some bugs or components become irrelevant.

        -The last is the HOT topic in many blogs and articles so I think you can guess. We use web services or some thing can handle good XML files (like Flex). Design our web service endpoint and don't care about anything. Try to best in JEE Design Patterns to make Separate in code and Module ( Include : OSGi way). But I think it's really hard for us, it need time and experiences.

        In my opinion, I like idea about learn more about HTML and CSS. It can take more time at first but it's really helpful. We can think about standard way of W3C, almost browsers representation the same. They're very lightweight and speed, easy to modify if we have good design...
        Recently, when I read Adam Bien's blog, in his article, he said :"Just use the right tool for the job..".I think,maybe,that's best answer.

        ===> modify: add note <===
        You can take a little time to see this source : It appeared in a Dzone's post, recently. I still have no time to test it yet, but I like the idea of this framework. .
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          THANKS for information.