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  • LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean Help!!!

    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience in using LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean to communicate with a 2.1 Local Stateless EJB in an OpenEjb 3.1.4 /Tomcat 6 environment ??

    I'm trying to get it up and running without much success!

    I have the following EJB code:

    LocalBean implements EjbLocalObject, IMyInterface {
    LocalBeanHome implements EjbLocalHome {
     LocalBean create() throws CreateException;
    LocalBeanSession implements SessionBean {
     // EJB Implementation
     public void method1(){
      //do something
     public void method2(){
      //do something
    //Located in a different package, in my web application
    interface IMyInterface{
     public void method1();
     public void method2();
    All of the above I have built and packaged using Maven and it exists as its own jar file (IMyInterface has the exact same methods (method1 & method2) is in a separate project) and it works fine in a regular client application.

    (The web application I am calling this EJB from has only a web.xml reference to the local ejb. I have the ejb jar in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/)

    So now I'm trying to integrate/invoke this EJB using the LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean from the application context.

    I am using:

     <bean id="bean1" class="...LocalStatelessSessionProxyFactoryBean">
       <property name="jndiName" value="MyBean">
       <property name="businessInterface" value="...IMyComponent"/>
    I then have a controller class which specify's an attribute: IMyComponent myComponent, and I inject the above bean into this.

    This all appears to work to some degree, in that openejb finds and registers the EJB, and my application can definitely find it (in that I get a reference to the home interface of my EJB).

    But here is my problem. In my simple mind I directly invoke myComponent.method1() from within my controller and expect to see the output from that method in the EJB.
    However, when I try this I get consistent :

    MethodNotFound exceptions, followed by UndeclaredThrowableExceptions.

    Can anyone see if I am blatantly missing something?!

    The interface methods are exactly the same and I have tried to put the ejb jar in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/openejb/lib but without much success.

    Thanks in advance! Eoin