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  • Does Spring support all EJB versions?

    As above. Thanks.

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    That's sort of a vague question :-)

    It has support code you can inherit from to support creating all EJB types, except Entity.

    On the client side, it has support code for creating Stateless Session bean proxies. Nothing similar for Stateful Session beans exists, however the JNDI convenience classes do make accessing even stateful session beans a lot more convenient.

    Capabilities are described in the manual.


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      Oh... I mean... I may build EJB with Spring framework.. but does the *version* of EJB I am using matter?

      Currently my team is considering EJB 2 but another team who is sharing the same server is using EJB 1 and they do not intend to upgrade in the short run.

      Another question is.. what about EJB 3?


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        We officially just support EJB 2.x. Spring's EJB support is built and tested against EJB 2.1. However, the remote SLSB accessors and the JNDI support (which can be used for looking up SFSBs) should work with EJB 1.1 targets too, as the lookup API should be compatible (AFAIK).

        Regarding EJB3: Well, there's nothing to support there yet ;-) We'll certainly provide support for accessing EJB3-style SLSBs, which might even be as simple as applying our generic JNDI support. Furthermore, we plan to support the EJB3 EntityManager as data access strategy. Of course, we can't do any of this before an EJB3 API jar is available...



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