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  • EJB SLSB Example


    I'm looking for pointers to a Hello World of EJB SLSB using Spring. Just basing things off of the API (Javadoc) and the Reference manual, I'm left with questions that have been asked on the forums but haven't actually been answered. Questions like How does one properly start an application context in a J2EE container and export it using JNDI for pickup by the EJB SLSB? Given the extension of the AbstractStatelessSessionBean class, how does one carry it to its final conclusion of being a JAR or EAR file ready for deploying.

    I'm hoping there's a simple example out there that just has the rudiments of creating an EJB with the help of Spring.

    BTW ... there were pointers to code in CVS but the hyperlinks wouldn't work for me.

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    Well, I wouldn't mind writing one up. I've had incremental successes. My biggest problem right now is exposing ApplicationContext via JNDI. In the EJB section of the reference manual, the default mechanism by which Spring-supported EJB's get their BeanFactory is through JNDI. This gives me the impression that not only is it possible, that it's supported and recommended as well.

    Please, if anyone has done this before, post instructions on how to. I've scoured the internet and these forums looking for a clue but I'm having no luck finding it.