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  • Why use Spring?

    Hello Experts,
    I am new to spring and want to know advantages of using spring framework. I will be using spring to migrate our existing web application which is in java applet with JDBC (no framework). Since its is very old application.

    I want to know what good a framework like spring would do to my Java applet application. And what will be the strong enough reason to migrate from legacy application to Spring?

    I would appreciate ur participation as approval for spring framework is dependent on my analysis.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Why use Spring?


    Several applications start as a small projects and later on grow bigger.
    So if a bunch of developers continuously adding new features without considering dependencies or introducing new dependencies on other modules or features soon the application maintenance will become a nightmare.

    Spring framework encourages some good design and coding principles like IOC, Coding to Interfaces etc etc.

    While you trying to migrate from your legacy application to spring based application, you will automatically separate out the dependencies and inject them through IOC thereby your application design will be clean, clear and maintainable.

    And also the major advantage is Spring framework will take care of providing Infrastructural services like Transaction Management, Integration to Other Frameworks etc. Also Spring provides several Template classes which saves lot of time from writing boilerplate code by yourself.

    Finally my point is if your application is live and growing(adding new functionality) it is very much worthful to use Spring.


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      Which Spring 2.5 or 3.0

      I am learning spring.. i did notice spring code is reusable but when i use annotation programming and annotation configuration (which is v confusing to learn) i believe it makes it less reusable. isint? And on top of it if I want to work towards spring certification, there is no spring 3.0 certification its 2.5. isint? well i believe latest release is 3.5? Y is spring community not providing 3.5 certification when it claims its so many benefits? it could be too early to talk about it. But new learners like me find it very difficult to find resources. Especially when spring outdated framework cost about 2000 for three-four days. How can anyone learn spring in four days, can i please ask spring experts this one specially. And Spring documentation isin't really good. But I do appreciate spring sample projects shipped along with spring. Can anyone guide me?