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  • Extendible Spring Application

    I need to decouple and modulize a spring application and make it extendible. How would you do that in spring if you have no single place of setup. In other words, each module should do its own setup and the core should not know the modules.

    java.util.ServiceLoader could be used to make discovery, but that is java6+ and I need to support java5 and I would like to do it in a spring way.

    So how would you do it in spring?

    I am not quite ready to take the red pill and osgify my application.

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    I'm quite new to spring but I have the same issue.

    The only way for me is to have all module be represented somehow (with a domain object and stored in DB for example) with all information needed.
    All modules will be war project with specific url, this is an information needed for example.
    Then load a single Controller in the main web app with the application identifier in the request param. Then open an url that send the request with all param needed and retrieve the page that would be display and print it as the view. This result can be display as a jsp include tag in a more appropriate jsp (with the menu bar and all) like a frame.

    I'm using spring security and I'm currently searching how to auto authenticate user by http header, so module share the same security.

    It has a lot of drawbacks since jsp tag must be interpreted from their own side, but it's the only way I know.

    I tried many times to load beans and add url mapping then jsp from Osgi using spring dm, but I'm stuck at the jsp, so the red pill is not a solution either. But I would be very pleased if someone know how to.