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  • Spring ROO

    hi all...

    does anyone have information on this project. I've tried to find documentation/links but having problems. I don't see it as one of the projects in the Spring portfolio.


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    It hasn't been released yet. Look out for announcements though.


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      Spring ROO presentation on Spring One

      Ben Alex has been busy with Spring Security lately, I guess, so no time for Spring ROO. Allthough I hope there's more than just Ben on the project.

      I'll be attending his Spring ROO presentation in Amsterdam next week, hopefully we'll get some sort of planning:

      Quote from the blurb: "We look forward to introducing this exciting new member of the Spring portfolio to you."

      I just hope they'll make it open source. It could be that they want to keep it for subscribers only.


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        thanks for the feedback. sure, it's understandable that people get busy and roo might be pushed back. i didn't see any info, so that's why my post.

        if greyfairer can post more info after next weeks conference, that would be great.



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          Re:Spring ROO

          Hi all,

          As I promised, here's my report from the SpringOne talk on Spring ROO.

          First of all, it was a major topic in the Keynote, and Rod Johnson seemed to be fully supporting it as The Next Big Thing. In fact, it was sold as The Only Alternative to GRAILS.

          In Ben Alex' session later on, he gave the following schedule:
          Alpha-1 public: this week!
          M1: 12th of May
          RC-1: June '09.

          One risk in this schedule: it depends on the refactored Validator framework from Spring Framework 3.0, which is still under development, and won't be included before RC-1.

          Another gotcha: the final name might change before the end of the week:
          you may vote for a different name at:

          Cheers, Geert.


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            You can download the first binary distro and a introduction example via