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  • Can I use Spring for stock exhange and banking application?

    We care about the Transaction, web service, application server. Where do I start? Where we find architecture document ?

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    Wow, this scares me... So, there is a bank out there that hires a software team that considers using a technology but that doesn't know how - or doesn't care - to google the documentation for that technology?

    Do you need a good Java book too?

    (Sorry for the sarcasm, I couldn't help it. )


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      Hmm this puts the credit crunch into a new perspective


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        Now now. No need for the sarcasm (though it was fun ). I'm sure it is all for gathering facts for making strategic decisions. Lets help out anyways.

        There are a number of threads available on this forum. Some talk about general architecture discussions. Other talk about web services, transactions, etc. Here are some of the ones that I'm subscribed to:

        In answer to your question, yes. Spring can be adopted when developing solutions for stock exchange and banking applications. In fact, Spring has been adopted within the Fortune 500 companies so it must be doing something right.

        Spring also has a good Transaction management feature that integrates well with JTA as well as providing application server integration (like BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere). Declarative and programatic transaction are supported.

        It works well with a number of application servers, as well as web containers (Tomcat). So the flexibility is there for a cost effective solution. One thing worth noting is the SpringSource dm Server. The information can be found at

        Have a look at the above and what is also available on the web (search through Google). See what you think. If you have any questions feel free to post in.

        All the best.

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