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    Hi there,

    since I am struggling with different considerations about template engines, I finally got my copy of the book 'JavaServer Pages in Action' today. After I have fast read it, I think it is comparable to WebFlow + Spring MVC + some nice additions. I don't like the way things get implemented at all but this might be caused by my own bad experiences with the early JSP versions.

    Never the less the authors claim that a template engine can easily be attached, but I am missing the proof. In the appendix, they only talk about struts and that both can live happily side by side (something I wouldn't call integration at all).

    Beside it looks like a try to catch up with recent developments of the last three or four years, JSF looks quite interesting. The try to abstract web elements as ordinary components is quite interesting, too. I can remember of an extension or a tool for velocity trying this, but I never used it or know of someone who tried.

    Has someone experienced JSF without JSP and what was the outcome? Anyone tried the web elements are UI components with sucess (meaning including layout managers and not thinking about html at a certain level, I know most MVC solutions, Command/Action frameworks, chain of responsibility filters are looking quite the same but in such an extense - listeners, layout, messages etc.)? Also I have read Web Flow docs and I see the parallels...


    Martin (Kersten)

    PS: If you want to read something entertaining, take a look at where one of the core developers of FreeMarker battles with a JSF guy. Quite interesting. (Take a search for FreeMarker to find the first comment starting the arguing.)

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    I've never messed w/ JSF. I currently do most of my views using JSPs; but I'm considering switching to something else, as the retarded limitations on what you can do with the JSP-EL are really getting on my nerves. If your interested in something similar to JSF you might look into Tapestry; I think it is pretty fair along the 'abstracting of web elements' approach, but in a more developer friendly (verses IDE friendly) way than JSF.


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      Right, tapestry. I investigated it once (when I read the 'Java Open Source Programming' book), but I couldn't intercooperate it with a custom way of handling parameters these days, so I was remaining to use with Velocity.

      But it really looks like being comparable to JSF. I will take a look at the weekend and ordered a copy of the 'Tapestry in Action' book.

      Thank you for this suggestion, wasn't aware of it anymore... Cheers,

      Martin (Kersten)


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        I followed through this episode of "JSF vs. The World":
        and very much agreed with one of the posters - "It seems for me JSF to Tapetsry as EJB3 to Hibernate".