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  • Eclipse RCP Application with Spring HTTPInvoker


    I am working on the Eclipse RCP application that should communicate with Server utilizing Spring HTTPInvoker. However I am getting "Cannot deserialize result from [http://localhost:8080/springapp/remote/AccountService]; nested exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: bus.Account
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: bus.Account" exception on client side."

    Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


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    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: bus.Account" exception on client side."
    I think it is the normal class loader battle, going on. Eclipse uses a quite extense and tree like (hierachical) classloader mechanism to load classes. I had the same problem when trying to get the jMock library to work within Plugin-JUnit-tests.

    One thing that might help is grabbing the source code of the Spring's remote part and add the source directly to the source tree of your plugin. If this solves the problem, you might then go and identify the trouble maker (the class creating the class loader problem, it is much likely the class, where the deserialization goes on). Than you might want to control the class loader being used (simple setter) or simply extend the class and use the subclass instead, which solved my problem with the jMock API.

    I guess they changed the class loader implementation (or provide additional help) within the new eclipse versions. Therefore it would be preferrable, that, once if it is clear that it is truely a class loader issue, you may want to ask about it at the eclipse platform newsgroup (check first).

    <note> I asume, you already have checked that the bus.Account class is also part of your client application's classpath. (also try to add this class by source rather than referring to a library).</note>



    PS: I would appriciate if you can post your findings. I battled with the class loader a while ago. I am sure the plugin-bundle loading mechanism provides some additional help, since the class loading mechanism of Eclipse was always a root of confusion for many people. (I had the feeling that quite a lot of people asked about this during the good old 2.x days of Eclipse).