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  • Integrating exisiting J2EE application with Spring

    I am novice to the spring framework and would like to get your help.

    We have a existing J2EE application deployed on Weblogic server. We want develop another feature and would like to use Spring Framework for it. This new feature would need to use some packages from our existing application. So my question is how can we integrate this two? We are not in position to convert the existing application to Spring framework given time and resource constraint.

    Your help is highly appreciated.


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    It's hard to answer the question without more information. We went through a similar port a few years ago. Is there any chance you could give a little more information on what you currently have and which bits of Spring you are trying to incorporate? It would also be useful to know if you have any specific questions.


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      We have J2EE application designed on MVC architecture but not struts, which has one entity bean and couple of Session and Stateless Session Beans. Its transaction based system. This is hosted on Weblogic Application server 8.1sp4.

      Please let me know if this info helps or if there is any other specific information you are looking for.



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        Sorry forgot to answer other half of the question. The new feature which we are trying to use is to create a Parsing Correction System. But this system would need to use the some of existing classes and EJB's. I am not sure what part of Spring can be used for it.


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          2 cents from my side :

          1. Keep the EJB as it is, but shift business logic from EJB to POJOs.
          Now you can levarage all spring powerful features like (aspects, declarative transaction, dependecy injection etcs.)

          2. You may replace ejb with Pojos, but the client which are referring EJB may be affacted. (need major change)

          If you can provide use case details. It would be more helpful for any suggestions.


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            We have a JBoss + Spring MVC + Hibernate architecture and they are working well.

            1. Create a portal layer between JBoss and Spring. So from there manager layer in Spring can access what is available from JBoss side.

            2. When you call Spring from EJB context through manager layer in Spring, you need pay attention to its transactional boundary.

            Good luck!