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  • SEAM-GEN : Is there something similiar for Spring ??

    Hi friends,

    I donít know if this is the best forum where ask my question, I apologize if this isnít.

    Iím writing to you because lately Iíve been playing with JBoss Seam and, among some things, Iíve seen something that Iíd be wonder to have in Spring. Maybe there exist some utility to do this, but I donít know it.

    Itís about seam-gen utility. I donít know if you know about it but this utility only ask me for few parameters and it create a full applicationís skeleton ready to work inside Eclipse and NetBeans. It copies and imports all the libraries that I need to work with, so I only have to run this utility and start to code. If I want to create a new Entity, I run seam-gen, it ask me for the entityís name and it creates an entity, a session bean to persist and retrieve this entity and two jspís based in facelets to create and show the entities. Seam-gen has other good things more like this that Iíve commented.

    For me, the main problem with Spring was the time that I needed to start a new project and configure it, so, some time ago I deciced to create an app to generate this skeleton based on a model that I defined for my project. But it is based on Spring 1.X, so I think that it should be a good idea to have some official utility that was a piece of Spring and could make some of the work that seam-gen does as easily.

    I know there is Spring IDE. I havenít tried it. Do you know if it can help me like seam-gen does?

    I know there is AppFuse and its app-gen, but I neither have tried it. Do you know if it can help me like seam-gen does?

    Seam-gen is a very simple utility that has liked me too much, and I would like to ask you if I can use something similar for Spring.

    I'd be greateful if you could help me with this question.

    Thank you very much,

    Josť Luis Monteagudo

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    Although I don't think it would do everything your after, I think Appfuse solves most of the boilerplate things you are after.
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      Ben Alex of I21 has been working on Roo, which will do what you're talking about (apart from the web tier code, IIRC):


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        There's also a presentation on it here.
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          You could also check out Grails?


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            I've already found what I was looking for. As Colin Yates said Grails is the best solution for me. I'm checking it out and I think that I can get a lot of productivity with it.

            Thank you for your sugerences.