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  • client - server applications where clients are desktop applications...

    Hi all,
    i have some questions i would like you take me a hand with:

    Can i use a RMI, Hessian/Burlap or HTTP exposed beans, (with Spring transaction mannage, ect...) like my middleware in a client-server application where the clients are desktop applications?

    Tecnologies like RMI, Hessian/Burlap or Spring HTTPInvoker support multithread (thread save)? I mean a bean exposed through these tecnologies can be accesed by several clients at the same time? Is this a good approach to desing an application?

    RMI, Hessian/Burlap or Spring HTTPInvoker need to run an application server?
    Can i use Spring HTTPInvoker in combination with Acegi?

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    I'm using the HttpInvoker solution to expose my service methods to swing clients very successfully. The same services are also used locally by a web application serving HTML as output. I don't have experience with the other technologies. To answer your specifics.

    The HttpInvoker solution runs on top of the servlet model so, yes, multiple clients can access the code at the same time. However, I've only ever used stateless services. I don't know if there is any support for stateful services using this technique. The new scopes in Spring 2.0 maybe useful there.

    As the solution depends on the servlet model you can deploy in a servlet container, such as Jetty or Tomcat, you don't need an application server.

    Finally, about Acegi. The short answer is yes, HttpInvoker can be used with acegi. Acegi supplies an extension of the standard request executor that adds authentication.

    hope that helps,


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      I'd agree with Jonny. Last big project used HttpInvoker and Acegi. Worked very nicely. That was tomcat based.


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        Thank you very much, this is one of the few forum that allways answer the questions and allways the answer is of a great help.

        Thank you.