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  • Ruby On Rails? Dare I ask?


    Has anyone done an unbiased investigation and comparison between Ruby on Rails and Spring?

    From the little I know of Rails, it is pretty impressive for rapid development. Some are claiming it's also good for enterprise-wide applications - that's what I am trying to evaluate.




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    You might find this informative:


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      actually, that's why I asked for an "unbiased investigation and comparison"!!!

      There are lots of rants out there on both sides - I'm looking for something to help me accurately evaluate Rails vs Spring...



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        This article may be of interest to you:

        Almost everything in print has some degree of bias. One has to draw their own conclusions through weighing all types of biased material, in my opinion.


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          I'm researching this question and stumbled across this post. Had to register and chime in on this old thread because I've found an unbiased "database" type of comparison:

          I'm not currently using either technology, but I've been speaking with developers using both, assessing costs, and reading up on both. Also I've done the setup for both.

          From what I can tell the advantages of Spring are:
          Compatibility, cost of development, ease of getting started, large number of Java developers, can use multiple languages, great interface, better documentation.

          Advantage to Ruby on Rails:
          Lighter, faster, more reliable. Some videos show how it's quicker to develop with RoR. There's a big following, more people using it, more community based resources available, great hosting options engineered just for RoR.

          My company has chosen Spring just because the cost of developers using it is significantly less than RoR. My thoughts regarding this is more people have a background in Java and that adds more people competing in this space, which drives down rates. My assessment is that RoR has 95% of the features I'm looking for, while STS has around 80%. The difference in cost to hire developers seems to more than make up for that gap and given just a little more development time will satisfy our needs completely.

          If anyone has any suggestions regarding hosting platforms for working with STS for a space and processing intensive video SaaS application PLEASE let me know. My email is available in my profile or you can reply here. So far I'm looking at AWS, Azure, and Heroku.

          I look forward to using this forum frequently throughout this project!