Hi folks,

I've got a design question about the ConversionService:

I've got two Entities
public class A {
@ManyToOne(optional = false)
private B b;
private int alt;
// getters/setter omitted

public class B {
private Long id;
String code;
// getters/setter omitted

Additionally I've wrote a Parser,Printer,Formatter & add them to the ConversionService.

At the moment I'm using the service to convert a String value into an instance of class A like this:

A a = conversionService.convert("CC123", A.class);

"CC" is the "code" field of class B (with must fulfill some RegExp) and
123 is the value for field "alt" in class A

Atm there is no database lookup to resolve "CC" with leads into that the field "id" is empty (only String value "CC" will be transfered)
and I wanted to know if it is bad practise to build in any dependencies to database layer in the conversionService to resolve primary key for "CC"?

Best regards,