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  • Form submit update fails

    Hi , I am using Jmeter to performance test a Spring MVC/Webflow app running on websphere portal server. I am able to naviagte through the pages and I see the Request creating the post data correctly.But in the logs the same is coming as null .So clearly they not getting updated on form submit . Is there something I am missing here .Appreciate your help

    Post data : Page 2
    execution=e1s2&domicileCode=XF&nationalityCode=GB& nationalityCode1=&disabilityCode=A&disabilityAllow ance=&mobileNumber=3333333333&personalEmailAddress elephone=1111111111&emergencyContactName=XXXMother &emergencyContactPhone=1111111111&emergencyContact Relationship=Mother&sixMonthXXOfUKHE=No&previouYY= P59&previousEducationInstitutionCode=B25&_eventId_ continue=Continue

    and then
    Post data : Page 3
    execution=e1s3&ordsAndRegs=true&_ordsAndRegs=on&ex ecution=e1s3&xxublishingPolicy=true&_xxPublishingP olicy=on&_eventId_complete=Continue

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