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  • continuous server-client interraction


    I want to create web application with real-time updated charts.
    So client specifies parameters and continuously receives some
    some data. As it's possible to have different clients with different
    parameters - server-side I will do in beans with session scope.

    Please, advise the way/technology to implement this.

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    I think this may help // Get the keys for maximum values of page views and visits
    function max_key($array) {
    foreach ($array as $key => $val) {
    if ($val == max($array)) return $key;
    $array = $pviews;
    $precord = max_key($array);
    $array = $visits;
    $vrecord = max_key($array);

    // Always use max. value recorded in array for y-axis
    $ymax = 1*(max($pviews));
    // Devide it by six and round up to nearest whole number to set appropriate y-axis ticks
    $ytick = ceil((max($pviews))/6);.


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      I'd have a look at how facebook realizes the chat and news stream functionality. You can see some rather interesting AJAX calls in Firebug (Firefox Debugging Plugin). It has a Javascript Function which polls an AJAX backend on regular basis. It further adjusts the repolling frequency based on factors - which aren't disclosed I assume - but user interaction intensity would be one I'd consider for reducing the amount of update calls.


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        Existing continuous integration systems are generally built around one of two disparate architectures, and generally implement only a subset of desirable features. As CI systems mature and their user populations grow, we would expect them to grow additional features; however, implementation of these features may be constrained by the base choice of architecture. It will be interesting to see how the field evolves.

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          methods a client wishes to execute in a server. It is _very_ easy to use
          and is implemented for lots of languages, including Java. Using XML-RPC
          your clients may be written in Java, Python, Perl, C++, PHP, ASP and so
          on. It doesn't matter who generated the call, it's all XML anyway.

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