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  • How to change the target directory of MANIFEST.MF generated by bundlor

    I am using STS to build a web application for DM server. My src directory is src/main/java for java source code, and src/main/webapp for web code (just as maven defines). I also define a, but anytime the auto-generated MANIFEST.MF goes to src/main/java/META-INF, I want it in src/main/webapp/META-INF/. Bundlor will create directory src/main/java/META-INF.

    Any idea?

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    configuring the location of the generated MANIFEST.MF is currently not supported. If you create a src/main/resources STS will generate the MANIFEST into this folder.

    BTW. why do you configure src/main/webapp as a source folder? This folder usually does not contain any Java sources.



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      Thanks Christian. The source directory structure is a standard layout generated by Maven. As a webapp, should MANIFEST.MF be in the same directory as the web source code (jsp, WEB-INF,...)?

      By the way, when I used bundlor 1.0.0.RELEASE, I did not get the expected result. Here is the Maven configuration from bundlor doc.


      Does the "goal" bundlor will generate MANIFEST.MF?
      I remember in bundlor 1.0.0.M2, the "goal" is "transform".


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        Hi guys,

        I got the same problem in my webapp bundle.

        When I use the option of STS to generate the manifest from the template, it will generate it in src\main\java\META-INF.
        But when I deploy (using "Add and remove..." option from STS server view) it takes the manifest in "src\main\webapp\META-INF". And if it doesn't exist, it will generate a new one with only the manifest version.

        It could be helpful to configure the outputpath from the (like bundle.version,


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          We have the same issue. When src/main/webapp/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF does not exist, bundlor will create the MANIFEST.MF in src/main/resources/META-INF, which is wrong for a web application. It would be nice to have a configuration option where bundlor should put it's generates manifest file.


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            FYI: I created BNDLR-385.