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  • Problem deploying maven web project to dm server in STS

    I have many maven OSGi projects within STS and I have the latest (nightly) dm Server installed. All projects deploy fine to the dm Server within STS except for the web project. It is not deploying all the project assets to the {dm server}/stage directory resulting in an invalid web application. The maven artifact (war) works fine when I manually drop it in the {dm server}/pickup directory. Of course this is because it has all the assets. I figure I must be missing some project setting within STS that specifies which assets get pushed to the stage directory. I have loaded the Green Pages sample in an attempt to find something different, but to no avail. Any direction on this would be greatly appreciated.



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    I dunno if this helps, but we noticed today that if one of the assets of a web project is from another project in your workspace, and that project is open, you will NOT get it in the staged web-inf/lib folder. (This is assuming of course that the maven dependency scope is set to compile or runtime.)

    I'm not 100% certain if this behavior is only for asset projects that are themselves bundle projects. Ours happened to be and that's how I found it out. I'm assuming this is designed behavior in that STS would expect you to deploy the assets manually given that you have the project open and might continue to edit/update/redeploy the projects.

    Might that be the case for what you're seeing?


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      Thanks for the reply, but don't think that's my issue. The assets that are missing are from the web project itself. The other projects are standard OSGi jar bundles and install fine on the dm Server. I'm only having an issue with the web bundle.


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        There's a known problem in STS if your Eclipse project is on a different filesystem to dm Server: Could that be the case here?


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          can you check that your .classpath file does not contain any excludes on any of the source folders. Sometimes Maven or a Maven Eclipse plugin will add those exclusion rules, preventing the resources to be copied into the binary directories from where STS deploys.

          You can safely remove the excludes and retry after clean project build.

          Let me know if you see any of those excludes.