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  • STS not aware of maven-bundle-plugin generated manifest?

    Hi all.

    I have a maven project which uses the felix bnd plugin to generate my osgi manifest. When I try and deploy this project into DM Server from STS, the project's metadata seem to be ignored. For example, the version is always 0.0.0.

    From STS, the startup log shows:
    [2009-08-13 11:13:48.413]  Connection(2)- <DE0059I> Starting bundle 'hello.spi.jar' version '0.0.0'. 
    [2009-08-13 11:13:48.734] server-dm-1              <DE0060I> Started bundle 'hello.spi.jar' version '0.0.0'.
    which is incorrect, but if I manually copy the jar to the pickup directory, I see

    [2009-08-13 11:09:32.637] fs-watcher               <DE0056I> Installing bundle 'osgi.hello.spi' version '1.0.0.SNAPSHOT'. 
    [2009-08-13 11:09:32.724] fs-watcher               <DE0057I> Installed bundle 'osgi.hello.spi' version '1.0.0.SNAPSHOT'. 
    [2009-08-13 11:09:32.841] fs-watcher               <DE0059I> Starting bundle 'osgi.hello.spi' version '1.0.0.SNAPSHOT'. 
    [2009-08-13 11:09:33.061] server-dm-13             <DE0060I> Started bundle 'osgi.hello.spi' version '1.0.0.SNAPSHOT'.
    Which is correct.

    Is this a bug, or have I misconfigured something?

    I'm using DM Server 2.0.0.M4, and STS from a few days ago.

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    where does the maven bnd plugin put the generated MANIFEST.MF? Is that in a source or bin folder of your eclipse project?

    STS copies the contents of all project output folders to the "stage" directory of your dm Server installation. You can also check if there is a MANIFEST in it.



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      Aha, that's what it was. The default instructions for bundles don't generate the manifest until the package phase, which doesn't happen when you're using m2eclipse.

      The workaround, then, is to force the bnd plugin to generate a plugin:
      Thanks for your help in figuring this out.
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