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  • Complete setup for complex project


    I am evaluating if osgi/spring-dm is the right server for an upcoming project. Is there anywhere a complete setup project with multiple osgi bundles a webapp that uses the bundles, integration in eclipse/Spring IDE, Maven2 with working Unittests and some reasonable environment where it is easy to deploy changed osgi bundles to the DM server without the need to restart everything

    I have found individual to most of these tasks, but I am a bit sceptic how that will work out when all put together. A good project setup needs in my opinion the following characteristics:

    - Someone checks out the project, changes at most 1 file or/and runs a script, and then he can start developing (maybe he needs to install the dm-server too)
    - The project needs to be able to be built in Hudson or a similar CI Server

    for J2EE Projects I can make that work, but for OSGI I am still looking.

    Also it would be good it the setup would take advantage of OSGi#s ability to redeploy parts of an application without a full restart (ideally autodetecting upon a rebuild)

    All I have found online were simple 1 or two bundle projects.

    Is there anything I can use as base or reference to set something like this up ?



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    This forum is not used any more as the dm Server project has been donated to Eclipse as the Virgo project. See the new forum at

    It looks as though your interested in Spring dm though which is a different project, it's forum is here

    Note, Spring dm is also being donated to Eclipse and is now known as Gemini Blueprint, Costin has put a post on the Spring dm forum explaining it all.

    Thanks, Chris.


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      please anybody person, How can i create PAR bundle project, how will i run it? I already using osgi bundle in my project but i need par file export system please help me.


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        Please ask on the Virgo forum as dm Server tooling has now been transferred to the Eclipse Virgo project, so that's where the relevant folks hang out. No-one is likely to help you here.