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  • Using virtual hosts in dm Server 2.0


    Now that dm Server 2.0 is released and supports the standard Tomcat configuration file, I was wondering how one associates different WARs to different defined virtual hosts (the <Host> elements)?

    There is another thread ( that proposed a different solution back in dm Server 1.x days. But that solution is not what we're looking for.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As we are contributing dm Server to Eclipse (the Virgo project under EclipseRT), then the best thing to do would be to raise an issue (bugzilla) on Virgo.

    The history of your request has been a longish one:

    DMS-94 was spawned from PLATFORM-188 (duplicated by DMS-426, which was spawned from PLATFORM-241). (DMS-109 was also raised and closed dup of these.)

    DMS-426 was closed after being marked as a dup of DMS-94.

    DMS-94 was marked Done Fixed on 10Feb (by a developer); moved to virgo-not-required on 11Feb, and tagged closed-for-virgo on 18Feb (by the same developer).

    This implies it is intended to deal with this problem under Virgo if users still require it. In an attempt to simplify the starting state of Virgo, it has not been the policy for every outstanding issue raised against dm Server to be reopened. Instead, all the issues were triaged and commented -- only the essential ones being recreated as a Bugzilla bug against Virgo.

    This is an ideal candidate to be re-raised (by your good self) as a Virgo bug. Please do this. See the Virgo bug list for the current list of bugs, and add to it there, if you wish.

    Please provide as much background and information as you can -- and refer back to the DMS-nnn issues if you want.

    As the project is in transition, we cannot offer any time period for attention to this 'bug' (it is really an enhancement request), but if it is in the Virgo bug list, then anyone (literally anyone) can look at the source and offer patches which might fix it. We would welcome any suggestions you might have.

    Thank you,
    Steve Powell


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      Post new bugzilla report