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  • Shell question

    I have always assumed that the dm Server automatically installs dependencies bundles when it deploys an app (bundle/war/par/plan). Is my assumption correct?

    If it is, what can I do in the shell to emulate the same behavior?

    I am trying to deploy an app manually into the server by installing bundles. Right now, I am setting up the environment manually by locating and installing dependencies.

    Also, how can I clear cached information for a particular bundle using the shell? or by manipulating the file structure in general?


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    You are correct, when you deploy a bundle through the pickup directory or the Admin Console it will get any dependencies installed as well if needed. The Admin Shell uses the same deployment system so you should be seeing the same behaviour. If you are not then it is a bug, in which case could you raise a JIRA. We are planning a lot of work on the Shell over the next few weeks so it is likely to get looked in to very quickley.

    By 'clearing caches information' do you mean the effect that starting the server with the '-clean' option has. There is no way to do this while the server is running. All that '-clean' dose is delete the work and serviceabilty folders. I suspect many things would break if you manually deleted these folders while the server was running though so I don't recomend it.

    Thanks, Chris.


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      Chris - When I deploy a bundle through the shell in M5, its dependencies weren't looked up automatically.


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        This will be fixed as a part of some of the work being completed during this spring. The relavent issue is DMS-1866. I can confirm what you are seeing. This is an oversight on our part. Thank you very much for spotting it and raising the point, it is appreciated.