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  • Unexpected wiring to lower package version

    Thank you for clearing that up, it makes much more sense now. With regard to my last post: I'm not entirely sure why we were importing osgi.core, but removed it and implemented your suggestion there; as for the cause though, things are still a little unclear. I used osgi.core as an example in the last post, but we've had this happen with other bundles, including our own when we have multiply versions in repository. I am only using one version of the springsource dm server (1.0.1-RELEASE), and only through Eclipse using the lastest release of the Tooling. The following is an actual example that has cause me some pain:

    bundle.dao.impl imports bundle.dao.interfaces;version [1.0.0,2.0.0)
    bundle.service.impl imports bundle.dao.interfaces;version [1.0.0,2.0.0)

    and in the user repository, there are bundle.dao.interfaces versions 1.0.0.CI-1 and 1.0.0.CI-2.

    What keeps happening, is that bundle.dao.impl uses version 1.0.0.CI-2 and bundle.service.impl uses 1.0.0.CI-1. So bundle.service.impl doesn't recognize the dao interfaces exported as services by bundle.dao.impl.

    This appears to be a different problem than original post, but also related. Should I start a new thread for this?

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    I started a new thread for you. :-)

    We tried to reproduce your problem on 1.0.1 and couldn't, so please would you raise a JIRA issue and attach (cut down versions of?) your bundles so we can investigate further. If you could also attach the trace.log file from dm Server's serviceability/trace directory, that would be very helpful.

    The correct behaviour, which we observed, is that both importers should wire to the higher version of the 'interfaces' package.


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      Created issue:


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        What the deal with issue DMS-41 ? It says resolved, but not mention of what version of dm server we could find this fix in.



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          Craig, thanks for pointing this out, I've updated the JIRA. This should be fixed in 1.0.3, which will be released soon, and in 2.0.0.M1.