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  • How to solve this problem?pealse help ?

    I download the Formtags-shared-service src,there are two parts in it :formtags-shared-services-service and formtags-shared-services-war,I put them in the eclipes,But now I want to package the formtags-shared-services-service into a .jar bundle and package the -shared-services-war into a war.I found the first .jar bundle packaged failed, and the second .war can be packaged but it cannot work in the pickup(I already put the /dist/formtags-shared-services-service in pickup),so I don't know why?some one can tell me ,thank you!!!

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    How to solve this problem?pealse help ?

    Hi Yang Qi,

    There is currently no automated way to export an STS dm Server Tools Bundle Project as a JAR; however, the Form Tags sample application is distributed with pre-packaged JARs, WARs, and a PAR which you can deploy directly to the dm Server's pickup directory. The required steps are explained in detail in the various README.TXT files in the Form Tags distribution. For example, if you consult the "PRE-PACKAGED DISTRIBUTABLES" section of the readme file, you'll see the following:

    Shared Services WAR
    - Note that the 'service' bundle must be deployed prior to the WAR.
    - Copy dist/formtags-shared-services-service-1.0.0.RELEASE.jar to the
    SERVER_HOME/pickup directory.
    - Copy dist/formtags-shared-services-war-1.0.0.RELEASE.war to the
    SERVER_HOME/pickup directory.
    - Open http://localhost:8080/formtags-shared-services-war-1.0.0.RELEASE

    Of course, if you downloaded formtags-1.4.0.RELEASE, you will need to replace 1.0.0 with 1.4.0 in the above instructions.

    Regarding tooling support, you can deploy the formtags-shared-services-service and formtags-shared-services-war projects directly to the dm Server from within Eclipse if you have Spring IDE and the STS dm Server Tools properly installed. Consult the "Tooling" chapter of the Programmer Guide for details: