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  • Formtags fails after restart - how does pickup order bundles....

    1. Start up server
    2. Copy formtags-shared-services-service-1.0.1.RELEASE.jar and formtags-shared-services-war-1.0.1.RELEASE.war to pick up
    3. Observe that everything works by hitting the url

    Now restart and get the failed error messages below. Note that by deleting and re-adding the war, it starts fine. $64k question - it seems there is an ordering dependency on restarts?


    [2008-05-30 15:47:13.343] main <SPKB0001I> Platform starting.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:18.468] main <SPKE0000I> Boot subsystems installed.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:20.156] main <SPKE0001I> Base subsystems installed.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:21.875] platform-dm-1 <SPPM0000I> Installing profile 'web'.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:23.468] platform-dm-1 <SPPM0001I> Installed profile 'web'.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:23.468] platform-dm-7 <SPSC0001I> Starting ServletContainer on port 8080 and SSL port 8443.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:24.734] platform-dm-1 <SPPM0002I> Platform open for business with profile 'web'.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:26.531] fs-watcher <SPSC1000I> Creating web application '/'.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:26.703] async-delivery-thread-1 <SPSC1001I> Starting web application '/'.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:27.312] fs-watcher <SPDE0010I> Deployment of 'platform.admin.splash-1.0.0.beta4.war' version '0' c
    [2008-05-30 15:47:29.703] fs-watcher <SPDE0018E> Unable to install application from location 'file:/C:/java/springAp
    p1B4/pickup/formtags-shared-services-war-1.0.1.RELEASE.war'. Could not satisfy constraints for bundle 'org.springframework.showcas
    e.formtags.web-shared-services' at version '0.0.0'.
    Cannot resolve: org.springframework.showcase.formtags.web-shared-services
    Unsatisfied leaf constraints:
    Bundle: org.springframework.showcase.formtags.web-shared-services_0.0.0 - Import-Package: org.springframework.showcase.formtag
    s.domain; version="0.0.0"
    Did you mean: 'org.springframework.core.annotation'?
    Bundle: org.springframework.showcase.formtags.web-shared-services_0.0.0 - Import-Package: org.springframework.showcase.formtag
    s.service; version="0.0.0"
    Did you mean: 'org.springframework.osgi.service'?
    [2008-05-30 15:47:29.796] fs-watcher <SPDE0011E> Deployment failed.
    [2008-05-30 15:47:29.796] fs-watcher <SPDE0005E> Hot deploy failed for resource 'C:javaspringApp1B4pickupformtag
    [2008-05-30 15:47:31.500] fs-watcher <SPDE0010I> Deployment of 'formtags-shared-services-service-1.0.1.RELEASE.jar'
    version '0' completed.

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    Formtags fails after restart - how does pickup order bundles....

    and yes I am an idiot for posting in here - moving to "general"