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  • Reload JSPs without app redeploy


    Auto redeploy when code changed is very good feature, but it can be even better.

    Now every little change cause application redeploy. It would be good if module will be redeployed only after serious changes, which cannot be hot-loaded by Tomcat (Or other servlet container).

    Do you have this on roadmap?

    BR, Olex

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    Reload JSPs without app redeploy

    Hi Olex,

    At the moment, the Platform only supports refreshing an entire bundle within a PAR; however, we are looking into providing a mechanism for refreshing JSPs (at least during development) in future releases.




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      Reload JSPs without app redeploy

      Thank you Sam,
      Hope it will appear soon, as well as other usability improvements for development.

      Until s2ap tooling doesn't support this feature, it can be done by FileSync plugin. At least it works with beta-2 and Tomcat bundle.
      Read here for details:

      BR, Olex


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        Reload JSPs without app redeploy

        As I pointed out in a comment on Olex's blog, please note that the work directory naming and layout above is a SpringSource Application Platform internal and is subject to change without warning.

        Please also note there are some limitations in the above approach, particularly in relation to TLDs and also the behaviour across a Platform restart. TLDs currently have to reside in an archive file in order to Tomcat to process them. The Platform will destroy the Module directories on restart and whether or not the Platform will use the resources updated using the above approach depends on a number of factors and should not be relied upon.

        This is not really to put you off. I admire users who find their way round limitations, but they have to know what they are getting into. :-)

        Hope that helps,