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  • Where is JSF?

    I just downloaded the bits and did a find jar -tf and didn't see any JSF impl in there. I did see classes such as


    What's the story with JSF and Spring App Server?


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    Where is JSF?


    Each of the JSF implementations and several of the JSF toolkits are available as bundles from the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository located at You can see this by accessing the repository front-end and searching for "Faces".

    What this bundle repository provides is a convenient way for platform users to link OSGi bundles and libraries into their application, typically using a dependency manager such as Maven or Ivy. You can read more about the scope and goals of this effort here:

    The platform team is working now on a sample web application that uses JSF for the UI as I write this. The programming model in that sample is standard Java, Spring, and JSF 1.2 with Facelets and Spring Faces. The sample itself is built to run on the platform as a set of OSGi-compliant bundles packaged in a .PAR deployment unit. I'm sure Colin and some of the others working on that sample will be providing concrete information on how you can get at it and run it shortly. Also, from this work we expect to contribute feedback to you and Roger and the rest of the JSF EG to help make it even easier to run JSF applications in an OSGi environment.

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      Where is JSF?

      Thanks Keith. See you next week at JavaOne!