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  • Spring Slices and SpringDm startup error

    Hi All,

    I was creating a modular web app using Spring Dm, untill I came around SpringSlices. Fascinated and intrested to try it out, I followed the instructions at

    Over here I couldnt find profile configuration in so after googling around I found this resource
    that helped me install slices into SpringDM.

    After all setup was done, I started my SpringDM server and got the following error in the console

    <DE0700E> Cannot find plan 'com.springsource.osgi.slices' version range '[0.0.0, oo)' in repository 'ext-usr'.

    I am using SpringDm v2.0.0.RELEASE
    The springslices I downloaded the build produced for 5th March 2010
    I copied the three jars from the distribution of the slices dir
    and modified file with the description mentioned in the 2nd http resource mentioned above.

    Please help me to get it installed

    Thanking You

    Sorry I realized I posted this in the wrong section...
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    I found the source of the problem.

    In the distribution downloaded. It had only three jars which were

    1. Slices-Commandline
    2. Slices-Core
    3. Slices-Webapp

    There was no plan file. So I had to copy the plan file from the dir: osgi-code, slices.core into the usr dir and then my springdm picked it up during starting.

    So the above problem was resolved.

    The other problem it then landed was with loading slices-core-api.jar which is not provided in the dist dir of the slices package. But it does exist as a source code folder in osgi-code.

    I wasn't sure how to compile it to produce the slices-core-api.jar.

    Can anyone help.



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      Hi Vikram,

      To get Slices OSGi bundles you can use snapshot instead of the latest one.

      On Feb 23 (before CI-40) there was a commit message: "Move OSGi code into a subdirectory to indicate that it is not in active development".



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        Finally got it working


        I did finally manage to get it working, had to tweek a couple of things in the build file. But now I could get my appropiate slice bundles for deployment

        Deployed the menu bar example and it was really nice to see it all fit together

        Any idea, when its officially getting a stable release ?



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          Hi Vikram,

          can you describe the changes you did in the build system to get the OSGi bundles for Slices? The jars I have don't have any OSGi manifest headers...



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            yes you are right, I faced the same problem, so I had to hack it a bit, as I went through the xml files for manifest configuration but couldn't find anything wrong there.

            Anyways, when you build the slices, you'll see it produces a build dir, you'll just need to package that whole dir using winrar or other relevant tool as jar

            I have attached the relevant files, in case you require it


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              Thanks for your swift reply Vikram.



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                Moved to dmServer forum.