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  • Performance problem in 2.0.0

    I am trying now to migrate to 2.0.0 from 1.0.2.
    Unfortunately I see a performance degradation in my app, it is half of what it used to be. I don't quite understand why, because this is happening in my application, this is not about loading bundles, etc.
    Basically this app is sending some messages out using a third party library (Sybase CEP Java5 SDK). With 1.0.2 it can send about 1000 messages per second, and with 2.0.0 only 500. I actually measured the time the program spends inside the publish() call, and it explains this difference in speed.
    Sounds like with 2.0.0 that sending thread does not get enough CPU.
    I tried to play with HotSpot options, nothing helps.
    Does anybody have an explanation?
    Is it because 2.0.0 loads more of its own applications and they do something?

    Please help.


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    One more question

    Does anybody know if 2.0.0 version interferes in any way with the socket IO of the application?
    That could explain the slowness of the message sending.


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      This is fascinating and currently inexplicable.

      I am not aware of any thread priority changes in 2.0. You may be able to find out the priority of the application thread using Hotspot's JMX mbeans.

      I don't think that the applications shipped with dm Server are likely to contend for CPU when they are not in use. You could check by deleting these applications from the pickup directory and see if that improves your application's performance.

      If you can package up a simple example of this problem, say a single binary bundle that does socket IO, we could look into it further with a profiler. Or you may like to try that yourself. We have successfully used YourKit in the past, but many such tools are available.


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        This is probably unrelated, but you may be interested in another performance problem we have seen on 2.0: DMS-2313.