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  • How to use Jetty instead of Tomcat?

    I'm looking into using dm Server (2.0+) for a new project.

    I noticed that dm Server is using Tomcat by default, but I would like to use Jetty.

    I assume it's pretty simple to swap out (uninstall a few tomcat bundles, install a few jetty bundles, etc). But, I fear there's a little more to it (for example, the tomcat-server.xml file is stored in the config dir, I assume there is a way to store the jetty.xml file in the same place, but how do I make that happen?)

    Anyway, has anybody accomplished this yet? Would you be willing to share the steps required?


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    This isn't quite as simple as swapping out the Tomcat bundles for the Jetty ones. There's no standard API for bootstrapping a servlet container so both Tomcat and Jetty have their own. dm Server includes some code that bootstraps Tomcat and provides some custom configuration to ensure that Tomcat works nicely with OSGi classloading, etc.

    My advice would be to wait a little while for project Virgo to getting going at Given that Jetty is an Eclipse project now, I think it's likely that the Eclipse community will be interested in getting this to work.


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      Thanks Andy!

      I look forward to seeing what can be accomplished in Virgo.


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        You may be interested in the discussion of this in relation to Virgo over on the EclipseRT PMC mailing list. Here's the start of the thread.