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  • Deployed web applications are empty

    Hi all,

    I'm band new to SpringSource dm Server, and I'm trying to configure my development environment on an existing project [1]. When I start the dm Server, it deploys the artifacts without complaining [2], but if I look in the {$DM_SERVER_HOME}/stage/* folders for the artifacts that were deployed, the only files they contain are the MANIFEST.MF files -- all other files are missing! This means that when I try to request the files, I get a 404.

    I realize that this might be some environment specific issue, but I'm writing in the hopes that someone's seen this behavior before and can point me in the right direction.


    [1] Eclipse 3.5 Linux, dm Server 1.0.2, SpringSource dm Server Tools Eclipse Plugin

    [2009-12-08 20:27:28.948] Connection(10)- <SPDE0010I> Deployment of 'container-app.war' version '0' completed.
    [2009-12-08 20:27:28.632] Connection(10)- com.springsource.server.servlet.tomcat.TomcatServl etContainer I <SPSC1000I> Creating web application '/container-app'.
    [2009-12-08 20:27:28.641] async-delivery-thread-1 com.springsource.server.servlet.tomcat.TomcatServl etContainer I <SPSC1001I> Starting web application '/container-app'.

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    I see that you're on Linux. It's possible that you've been bitten by this bug: STS-337. If they're not already on the same filesystem, could you please try again with both dm Server and your Eclipse workspace on the same filesystem.


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      Andy, thank you so much - that was it!