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  • Keeping slices up to date


    I am trying to keep pace with dm server including CI builds. Slices development is lagging a little bit. I understand that you guys have priorities

    We keep a local branch and try to reconcile kernel/deployer changes with slices. To do this requires changes of the build.versions to the latest dependencies.

    What is the proper way of doing that change? How do you guys keep dependencies in sync? Is there something like maven "-SNAPSHOT" I can do to simplify that process. I noticed some ruby scripts and shell scrips across the projects. Is that the way to go? How to determine the latest version to build against?

    I guess this question boils down to: what is development process that people interested in living on an edge can follow to stay up to date with dm server/slices development?

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    Slices is a little out in the cold as far as our dm Server development process goes, so apologies for times when it drifts out of whack.

    In general, we control the version dependencies of the "components" (we call them repos, meaning git repos, but that's not a great term) of dm Server such as the kernel using the component's build.versions file.

    We use the same approach to control the dependencies of slices on other components.

    To upgrade a single dependency of a component, we use the update dependency Ruby script in the dm-server/scripts directory, e.g.
    ~/dm-server/scripts/update-dependency.rb -v com.springsource.kernel -n <new version>
    This updates the relevant version in build.versions, certain properties files, Eclipse classpath files, Ivy files, etc.