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  • PLAN files / Deployment

    At the moment, my project can be deployed from with eclipse using a PAR file project much like those available in the original 1.0 demo applications - although the "real" deployment is via nightly ant/ivy builds internally using a PAR project.

    When I move over to PLAN files, how does this work from within eclipse ? or STS ? Currently I am using the "ivy" build system as provided within these demos - hey it worked great and I really don't want to know much about the build system - it simply isn't my thing I have more than enough in the application issues.

    I presume, I will now build all the bundles independently (i.e. without a PAR project to pull them together into a PAR package) - and stick them into the repository of the server.

    Can I deploy a PLAN file from within eclipse ? or is it via the command line ?. I know it is a simple XML file but have you linked it into the ant/ivy build system like the PAR project templates ?

    The documentation provided (programmer/user guide) doesn't really talk about it much if at all. The PLAN stuff looks great on paper - getting it into the tool chain is very vague. Is there a demo application (petclinic/etc...) which actually uses it available ?



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    Support for plan files in the dm Server tools is one of the last remaining things on the to-do list for 2.0: we're starting work on it this week.

    In the meantime the process that you've described is pretty much what I would advise.

    When the tooling support is in place, or expectation is that the dm Server tools will automatically add the bundles to the dm Server repository, and it will be possible to deploy a plan file that references the bundles from within the tools.