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  • Cardinality - with mandatory service - Doesnt wrk in Dm 1.0.2

    I have a interface bundle -InterfaceBundle.

    Then i have a service exporter bundle. -Exporter Bundle

    Also i have a service importer bundle - Importer Bundle

    First i deploy the interface bundle , then followed by the Service importer.

    I have not changed the cardinality attribute , which means it is mandatory .Also i have not changed the timeout , so it should be 5 minutes.

    Now in the console i get bundle waiting for mandatory service .

    But when i deploy the service exporter , still anything doesnt change. And it hangs there for ever.

    [Attaching the code for the same]

    i tried the same in Dm 2.0M5 and it works fine.

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    This sounds like a bug. Please would you raise a JIRA defect and attach the testcase (preferably including binary JARs rather than just source code).


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      Created a Jira for the same


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        Much appreciated.


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          I believe that you have hit a known limitation in 1.0.x that was fixed in 2.0 under DMS-43.

          Given that 2.0 is nearing release we don't have any plans to backport this fix to the 1.0.x line as it would involve a significant change to the deployer in 1.0.x.

          That said, the deployment of the first application should timeout after 5 minutes allowing the second bundle to be deployed. Is that timeout not happening for you?


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            I tried with timeout of 5 seconds and it doesnt work.

            But i continued waiting for more time i finally get a error saying bundle appContext failed because mandatory service was missing and it continues deploying the next bundle.

            But it looks like it did not take my custom value of 5 seconds and instead waited for default 300 seconds before timing out.