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  • Deployment Errors

    I have been using SpringDM 1.0.2.RELEASE uptil now and I am in the process of trying to migrate us over to 2.0.0.M6 in order to use .plan files for deployments.

    I have a simple PAR which deploys perfectly on 1.0.2 but when I try to get it to deploy on 2.0 it does not work. I get a Deployment Error: Unsatisfied dependency detected when expanding imports for (... list of my bundles ...). I also "extracted" my PAR and placed the bundles in the repository and created a plan file - this has the same problem.

    Basically I would like to know how to get more error information (as in what the hell is causing the problem) from the DM server - can I turn on more logging info to see what is causing the problem ? and then I can fix the problems myself



    All I get at the moment is :
    (Web Console)
    Artifact Console: 'Deployment Error 'Unsatisfied dependency detected when expanding imports for [InstallArtifact(bundle, org.tssg.config.dao, 1.0.0), InstallArtifact(bundle,, 1.0.0), InstallArtifact(bundle, org.jivesoftware.smackx, 3.1.0), InstallArtifact(bundle, org.tssg.config.manager.plan-synthetic.context, 1.0.0), InstallArtifact(bundle, org.jivesoftware.smack, 3.1.0), InstallArtifact(bundle,, 1.0.0), InstallArtifact(bundle,, 1.3.3), InstallArtifact(bundle, org.tssg.bootstrap.api, 1.0.0)]''

    and on the command line console:

    2009-11-11 16:39:19.149] fs-watcher <HD0001I> Processing 'CREATED' event for file 'app.tssg.config.manager.par'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.229] fs-watcher <DE0056I> Installing par 'app.tssg.config.manager' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.236] fs-watcher <DE0056I> Installing bundle 'org.tssg.bootstrap.api' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.242] fs-watcher <DE0056I> Installing bundle '' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.249] fs-watcher <DE0056I> Installing bundle '' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.255] fs-watcher <DE0056I> Installing bundle 'org.tssg.config.dao' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.274] fs-watcher <DE0058E> Install failed for par 'app.tssg.config.manager' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.280] fs-watcher <DE0058E> Install failed for bundle 'org.tssg.bootstrap.api' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.287] fs-watcher <DE0058E> Install failed for bundle '' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.294] fs-watcher <DE0058E> Install failed for bundle '' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.300] fs-watcher <DE0058E> Install failed for bundle 'org.tssg.config.dao' version '1.0.0'.
    [2009-11-11 16:39:19.313] fs-watcher <HD0002E> Hot deploy failed for resource '/home/pphelan/development/springsource-dm-server-2.0.0.M6/pickup/app.tssg.config.manager.par'.

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    Last week I fixed a clutch of related defects by adding a missing console message (including stack trace) when install fails. So you can obtain a fix to your problem in the most recent nightly build. Please could you try this out and let me know how it goes?


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      Just downloaded and installed

      Errors messages are back, see below:

      A library with the name 'org.springframework.spring' and a version within the range '[2.5.6.A, 2.5.6.A]'

      Sweet, I will add the libraries/dependencies and see how it goes


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        Cool everything up and running with the PAR and the PLAN Currently we are using spring framework 2.5.6.A and the SpringDM has moved to 3.0.0.RC1 versions so I copied all the 2.5.6.A bundles from the SpringDM.1.0.2.RELEASE into the repository/usr directory.

        The OSGi console seems to have disappeared and replaced with a SSH shell - is it just moved to another port ? or can I get at it still.



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          Thanks again, Ignore the OSGi console bit - Doh!. RTFM


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            Great to hear this worked out. Well done!