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  • Web bundle deployment

    I have a web bundle with a servlet. It works perfectly when I put it into the pickup folder, but when I have it under the repository/bundles/usr the servlet does not seem to be instantiated. The web bundle is in ACTIVATE state, so it was loaded, but not the server for some reason.

    I am using SpringDM Server 1.0.2.SR02.

    Is this type of deployment supported? If it is, anything I am missing as far as configuration and if not whats the best way to debug this?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    dm Server does not automatically deploy the contents of the repository. Please try running the startup script with the -clean option. The bundle should not be redeployed unless it is still in pickup.


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      I tried starting the server with 'startup.bat -clean', but the servlet is still not picked up from the repository. Sorry, maybe I misunderstood your suggestion?



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        I got the impression from the start of this thread that after deleting the web bundle from pickup, it was somehow still present and in ACTIVE state (but the servlet was not working properly). I wanted to get the server back to a clean state with the bundle not deployed.

        Assuming you are seeing the bundle not being deployed, that's correct behaviour. Please read this other thread on a similar topic to understand the rationale behind repositories.

        Hope that helps...


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          I probably didn't make my scenario clearly enough.

          So my web bundle is in the repository but it does get activated, as I want, because another bundle in the pickup folder (non web) imports a package from the repository web bundle. So the web bundle under the repository is in ACTIVE state, as I want. The problem is that the servlet is not initialized.

          If that's the intended behavior, as I guess this other thread suggests, then I see the problem that if I put my web bundle in the pickup folder I loose control of the loading order, which becomes problematic.



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            Yes, that's the intended behaviour.

            The reason the servlet doesn't get created is that the web bundle is being faulted in as a dependency and is therefore treated as a "raw" bundle and so web processing of the bundle is not performed.

            The only help you get in dm Server v1 is that the order of deployment from pickup is carefully preserved over server restart. You just have to be *really* careful to drop them into pickup in the right order.

            In dm Server v2, we provided "plans" to solve this whole issue. You can then put all your bundles in a repository and deploy a plan, e.g. by dropping it into pickup, which refers to the bundles and will cause them to be deployed (and not just as "raw" bundles).


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              Thanks for the explanation that makes it clear. Sounds like another reason to upgrade to 2.0.