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  • Aspectj runtime bundle in dm2.0.0M5

    This version of dm-server doesnot come with aspectj-runtime bundle
    Additionally ,When i try to import ""

    It gave me Uses violation

    e-dm-server-2.0.0.M5/pickup/intf.jar'. Could not satisfy constraints for bundle 'ServiceCounterIntf' at version '1.0.0'. Cannot resolve
    : ServiceCounterIntf
        Resolver report:
            Uses violation: <Import-Package: org.springframework.beans.factory.aspectj; version="0.0.0"> in bundle <ServiceCounterIntf_1.0.
                Possible matches:
                            <Export-Package: org.springframework.beans.factory.aspectj; version="3.0.0.CI-395"> from <org.springframework.a
                        No dependent constraint mismatch. Try refreshing the <org.springframework.aspects_3.0.0.CI-395> bundle.

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    Sorry to hear you're having problems with AspectJ.

    First, a little background. Unfortunately the AspectJ bundles are not particularly well designed from a modularity point of view: the weaver bundle contains a superset of the runtime bundle's contents. This means that we have to use one bundle or the other, having both present causes problems as it means that two versions of some AspectJ packages are available.

    The above means that to provide the weaver bundle's capabilities which some users will want, we have to use the weaver bundle and only the weaver bundle.

    It's not immediately obvious to me why the move from the runtime bundle to the weaver bundle would cause a uses violation. Can you please open a JIRA attaching your compiled bundle so that we can investigate? In the meantime, if you do not need the capabilities of the weaver bundle, you could try updating the lib/ file to use the aspectj runtime bundle instead.


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      Hi Andy,

      Have opened a Issue for the same