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  • One CXF Web Service per Bundle in dm server

    I'm just getting started with dm server (v2) and osgi. These are all new concepts to me so please bare with me if i confuse any of the terms.

    I'm starting a project that requires multiple web services. What i ultimately want to achieve is to have the abliity to hot deploy any of these web services without disrupting the others, i'm thinking osgi is the perfect fit. If I understand this correctly, each web service could be a seperate bundle that i can upload/drop into dm server without any interuption to the other web services. My plan is to use Apache CXF services framework to implement each of these web services and publish using the http standalone server (which i think uses jetty). In the end i would end up with:


    So i have a couple of questions regarding my thoughts:

    1. Has anyone implemented something similar with Apache CXF, can you share your experiences/thougts?

    2. I've read a little about "web bundles" in dm server, would that be an alternative? I'd like to be able to drop these modules in any other osgi container so i'm not sure if that solution ties me Spring dm server or not.

    Thanks for your input in advance.


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    Using web bundles won't tie you in to dm Server as they are being standardised in the OSGi Alliance and the web container used by dm Server is being developed as the Reference Implementation of that standard.

    A web bundle is a way of implementing a servlet and you could write one which would return a SOAP payload in order to implement a SOAP/HTTP web service. (For other web service transports, such as AMQP, you'd need a non-servlet model and web bundles wouldn't then be appropriate.)

    You should also be able to use Spring Web Services to help you implement a SOAP/HTTP web service, but please report back if you see any issues.

    If you prefer to use CXF and Jetty on top of dm Server, then you might consider running just the dm Kernel so that you won't get dm Server's web container and associated Tomcat server. But that route would be unusual, so expect to do some trail blazing! Again, it would be interesting to hear how you get on if you go this way.

    I would recommend that you try using web bundles and Spring Web Services. The tooling support in the SpringSource tools suite should help you and you are more likely to find help in these forums if you hit problems.