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  • Updating PLANS without a restart

    From the Docs:

    " Because a plan is a list of artifacts, rather than a physical file that contains the artifacts, there are a few additional steps you must perform before you deploy it to .

    1. Copy the bundles that make up the plan to the bundles-usr repository, which by default is the $DMS_HOME/repository/bundles/usr directory, where $DMS_HOME refers to the top-level installation directory of . Note that you might have configured the server differently; in which case, copy the bundles to your custom repository directory.

    2 Restart .

    3 After the server has started, copy the plan's XML file into the $DMS_HOME/pickup directory. This results in deploying the plan with the same semantics as a PAR file.

    4. To undeploy the plan, simply delete it from the $DMS_HOME/pickup directory."

    I am looking to use dmServer and OSGi to create an application that can be upgraded on the fly (or at least have its components upgraded) without a restart, as sometime our app may be placed on servers and in network zones with strict access controls and little ability to do restarts.

    I saw this and was a bit disappointed. It is possible this will be updated in a future relase to not require a restart. Conversely, does anyone have a workaround for dmServer 2.0 M4+ that would allow for the use case - that is, the ability to update application components and\or add plugins or configurations without requiring a restart?

    Thanks in advance.
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    In recent nightly builds, we changes bundles/usr to be a "watched" repository so it is no longer necessary to restart dm Server. This function probably wasn't in M4 but will be in M5.


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      That's good to know.