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  • How to resolve missing constraints in DMServer

    Hi All,

    In my previous threads

    I asked solutions for Missing Constraints for Spring Security bundles and OSGi framework bundles. I got nice replies from Senior Members like Anady and other.

    Still I have some issues related to Missing Constrains
    (ex:Missing constraint: <Import-Package: com.thoughtworks.xstream; version="[1.2.2,1.2.2]">)
    even I am facing this kind of problem with importing bundles like JSON,Ezmorph, slf4j etc kind of third party bundles.

    Is there any way / any procedure to overcome such kind of issues.

    Its better if we can stablize all these things in DMServer it self, it should be very helpfull for new commers like me who is working on Dynamic Modules development.

    Thank you for all of you in advance.

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    Unfortunately, it is not feasible to package all potential dependencies with dm Server or even to add them all to the SpringSource enterprise bundle repository. Those bundles in the enterprise bundle repository can be downloaded easily using the SpringSource tool suite. But you may require dependencies not in the EBR.

    As you identify a missing dependency, you need to add a suitable bundle to a repository (repository/bundles/usr in 1.0.x). If you need to convert an existing JAR into a bundle in order to do this, I recommend using the SpringSource bundlor tool.

    I hope that helps a bit.


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      @Glyn , Yes your right, even I downloaded thier dependencies to Usr folder, then it has given the same problem, so what I did is, I just placed my dependencies in to pickup folder, but as per my knowledge this is not the correct way to place all dependencies in to pickup.


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        That's strange and it sounds like it might be a bug. Are you adding the bundles to bundles/usr *before* starting the server?


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          @Glyn, Yes I am plcaing all my dependencies in to bundles/usr only.


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            Yes, but are you placing them there before or after starting dm Server?


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              Once I placed them in to the bundle/usr i just restarted. Even I placed them before starting also.


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                Please could you post your console log as there is a possibility that the bundles providing the dependencies are not being picked up by the repo scanning code. If that is the case, a log message should be issued which you may have overlooked.

                (If not, I'd be grateful if you could reduce this problem to a minimal example and raise a JIRA.)


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                  Mahesh, are you running on 2.0? If so, could you try starting the server with the -clean flag, please? This should cause dm Server to rescan its repositories and pickup the new dependencies.

                  If you're on 1.0, then please ignore this and refer to Glyn's post above.


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                    Thank you Andy and Glin, its working fine in DM Server 2.0.
                    Last edited by mahesh_yamsani; Jul 14th, 2009, 01:11 AM.