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  • Web Apps: modifying jsps/templates after deployment?


    To draw a parallel with Tomcat, once a war is deployed, developer can edit a jsp/freemarker/etc in unziped deployment and get a instant gratification for his efforts.

    Is this possible with dmServer 2.0? I found few locations where contents of deployed war are located:
    1. work/osgi/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/${}/1/bundlefile
    2. (for plan) work/com.springsource.kernel/Module/${}/${}
    3. (for non-plans) work/com.springsource.kernel/Module/${}-${someindex}/${}
    4. /work/com.springsource.kernel/${}/ (this one is without an index as #3)

    Will modifications for jsps and similar resources in any of those directories be reflects on the next refresh in the browser?

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    Poking around in implementation specific directories is not recommended. The preferred way of doing what you want is to use the SpringSource tool suite to deploy the application and then edit the files you want to change and save them. The tool suite will call the deployer interface to update or delete a static resource which will then be picked up by Tomcat.

    That's the story with the old deployer and old web container code, but it has regressed with the introduction of the RFC 66 based web container. See:

    Meanwhile, you *might* be able to get away with editing the file in the Equinox bundle file if you want to try quick temporary changes, but the caveat above still stands, especially if it doesn't work. ;-)


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      I was chasing a incorrect reference to an image in freemarker template before a demo Did not have sts up. That was a reason for a question.