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  • Hosting multiple applications from eclipse plugin


    I have a client/server application that I am currently migrating to OSGi using Spring DM. I am using the Spring DM Eclipse plugin, so that I can have Spring Bundle Projects that I can deploy to my Spring DM server. I was wondering, is there a way that I can deploy a subset of the bundles to one domain to launch the client, and another subset to another domain to launch the server? I want to use the same Spring DM server so that I don't have to install 2 servers and point the client bundles to one and server to the other. The client is a Swing Application BTW.

    Please let me know if this is possible...


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    That setup sounds a little artificial as presumably the client is not destined to run in dm Server. You could just deploy the the client and server bundles to the same dm Server for starters. But I guess you then want to check that the client and server can function in distinct JVMs and can communicate across the network between distinct processes.

    So I think the best way to achieve what you want is to define two servers to point at the same dm Server installation (which will avoid you having to install dm Server twice). Then you can deploy the client bundles in the "client server" and the server bundles in the "server server". If you have trouble getting this configuration to work, it would be worth posting on the dm Server tooling forum.


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      Thanks for the reply. I tried to do this and got the following error, which I somewhat expected...

      [2009-06-04 13:08:46.880] main <SPOF0002E> Unable to start OSGi telnet console. Port 2401 is in use.

      Got any other ideas?



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        Unfortunately the tooling does not allow you to configure the OSGi console port, so I recommend switching that off in the OSGi configuration file in the dm Server config. directory.

        The latest STS provides equivalent function to the OSGi console plus some nice extensions such as graphing of package and service dependencies, so turning off the Equinox console should be no loss.