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  • Spring MVC Application with Rich Faces

    I am a newbie to Spring dm Server ,

    I am using Spring DM server 1.0.2 on Windows with JDK 1.6, Rich Faces 3.1.4.GA. I am using the bundles and the required dependencies based on the information available in Spring Bundle Repository.

    I am trying to configure the Spring Module based on MVC with Rich Faces, after me sepcifying all the required bundles and generated the Manifest using the Spring Tools (Spring IDE) , it compiles and generates the artifacts , when I deploy the same I am getting the following error,

    Cannot resolve: dmprimer.web.faces
    Resolver report:
    Bundle: dmprimer.web.faces_1.0.0 - Missing Constraint: Import-Package: org.w3c.dom.ranges; version="1.3.3"

    I have even updated my java6-server.profile from the JIRA attachment which said it has a updated one , it helped me in resolving the JSTL 1.2.0 issue with JDK 1.6

    Can any let me know , whats the configuration error and how to resolve it or even pointers where a smilar error has occured could also be great


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    dm Server includes the package org.w3c.dom.ranges as a system package in the java6-server.profile (or at least the one in this JIRA). However, it is included, like most JRE packages, without a version number and so org.w3c.dom.ranges will be exported by the system bundle at version 0.

    Your version range (version="1.3.3") is looking for any version from 1.3.3 up and so cannot resolve to version 0. Try specifying version="0" in your


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      I tried doing the same , by specifying the version for org.w3c.dom.ranges as "0" in the Import-Package statement of my but still same result

      I guess I a not setting the package information correctly


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        Why not use the OSGi console to check for the existence of that package?