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  • Joda Time 1.6 from Spring Repository Problem

    We've been having real problems trying to upgrade our Joda Time from the 1.5.2 version to 1.6.0 taken from the Spring Bundle Repository.

    We are using Eclipse for development and building and I've finally found conclusive proof that Eclipse can't load and resolve the 1.6.0 version of the bundle.

    I dropped both the 1.5.2 and 1.6.0 into the dropins directory of a clean install of Eclipse 3.4.2 (on Windows XP SP2).

    I then checked the plugins view and I can see that only version 1.5.2 is available. If I check the Eclipse workspace log I see a P2 error reported for the 1.6.0 jar that it isn't a repository.

    Am I the only person using the combo of Eclipse and Spring's bundle version of Joda Time 1.6.0? I would assume this is more an Eclipse problem than the bundle's, but it's hard to debug what is actually causing the problem.

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    I've managed to partially answer my own question. If I update the 1.6.0 bundle to use the same manifest layout as 1.5.2 (but upgrade the versions to 1.6.0) it works.

    So I'm even more convinced this is a bug in Eclipse. Either Eclipse is choking on one of the non-standard headers or the ordering of the manifest exposes some bug.


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      I just compared the 1.5.2 and 1.6.0 manifests and the main difference between the two seemed to be the addition of:

      Bundle-License: Apache 2.0

      to the 1.6.0 manifest, so you might try removing just that from the 1.6.0 manifest to isolate the problem.

      Other than that, there was an issue (at least on dm Server 1.0.2) with newline characters. See So you might want to compare the manifests using a hex editor.

      If you want to get to the bottom of this, one approach would be to do a binary chop and replace pieces of the 1.6.0 manifest that fails with the corresponding lines from your 1.6.0 manifest that works until the problem goes away. That should at least let you isolate the line causing the problem.


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        Bundle-SymbolicName is misspelled in the MANIFEST.MF

        under Eclipse 3.5 is not detected as a bundle. There is a bug in the MANIFEST.MF. The entry Bundle-SymbolicName is misspelled. The "n" of name is lowercase and should be uppercase.

        best regards
        Jan Dieckmann


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          Ther's a type in the generated MANIFEST.MF: The key entry Bundle-SymbolicName is written Bundle-Symbolicname. Missing camelCase

          best regards
          Jan Dieckmann


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            Thank you for the heads up. I've opened a JIRA issue against the EBR for this: In the future, you can just open defects there.