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  • SpringSource dm Server 1.0.1.RELEASE Available

    I'm pleased to announce that the SpringSource dm Server 1.0.1.RELEASE is now available. Please go to the Downloads section of the SpringSource dm Server site to download.

    This release is primarily a bug-fix release. Please see the issue tracker for a detailed listing of the changes.

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    1.0.1 Issue Summary

    Bug Timed out waiting for profile subsystems to start
    Bug StandardDumpGenerator does not log the exception message of the cause of failure for a subsystem's dump
    Bug Problem attaching jconsole to dm Server with default authentication
    Bug Fail startup if non-optional subsystem is specified in the profile configuration
    Bug SLF4J implementation doesn't breakup Object[]
    Bug SystemDumpExtension fails to correctly dump memory pool usage
    Bug Trying to start multiple instances of dm Server fails ungracefully
    Bug Non-EE documentation refers to the AMS documentation
    Bug Can deploy an app with a space in its name and run it successfully, but gives IllegalArgumentException when undeployed
    Bug Splash screen links to old Spring-DM documentation
    Bug redeploying through the tools causes application trace logs not to be used
    Bug Deployer tries to refresh an not-deployed bundle
    Bug Redeploy optimised to refresh does not correctly report symbolic name and/or new bundle version in SPDE0010I message
    Bug Downgrade FatalDeploymentException produced by redeploying a bundle with a new resolution problem to DeploymentException
    Bug Splash screen application has version 0, convert it to a web module with proper version information
    Bug Refresh on failed bundle causes giving the exception com.springsource.platform.serviceability.ffdc.Asse rt$FatalAssertionException :Refresh on undeployed module
    Bug NullPointerException when trying to shutdown the platform
    Bug java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ExplodedDirectoryDeploymentArtefact cannot be constructed from a non-exploded file exception thrown on platform restart
    Bug Using <c:url value="/css/main.css" /> should work for a WAR deployed with a "/" context path
    Bug Platform throwing exception when trying to undeploy the all installed bundles from pickup directory at a time or in wrong order
    Bug dm Server is giving the message "Mandatory reference '&profile' in bundle 'com.springsource.server.deployer.core' version '1.0.0.CI-18' is waiting for service with filter '(objectClass=com.springsource.server.profile.core .Profile)'."
    Bug Ensure that the ServletContainer access logs directory is created in the correct location relative to SERVER_HOME
    Bug ServerOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext should handle calls to getResources() consistent with calls to getResource()
    Bug manifest header classes don't implement hashCode and equals
    Bug NullPointerException during Import-Bundle and Import-Library processing
    Bug Inserts missing from trace entry generated by ImportExpansionHandler
    Bug Static resource update fails when target path is a directory and source is a file
    Bug Source build doesn't package required version of javax.el due to recent change to the version of javax.el in the Enterprise Bundle Repository
    Bug Problem in scoping logic when bean exported under multiple interfaces
    Bug Platform deployer trying to deploy bundles more then once
    Bug Can't undeploy from console
    Bug ClassCastException selecting all bundle projects in PAR manifest editor using Ctrl-A
    Bug Dump triggered during startup when deployer recovery takes too long
    Bug Deadlock using JMX Deployer interface
    Bug Bug during bundle redeployment using Eclipse tooling
    Bug Verify support for JavaMail and the Java Activation Framework
    Bug Non-existent subsystem names in profile.config do not cause dm Server to fail on startup
    Bug Activating verbose tracing level for org.springframework.* makes par deployment to fail
    Bug Manifest transformation is stripping the quotes from Require-bundle version ranges
    Bug Determine cause of intermittent failure for JPA WAR integration tests
    Bug duplicate trace entries are generating for admin screen and splash screen(with slightly different names) in the trace directory upon server startup
    Bug NullPointerException undeploying failed bundle
    Bug Bundle refresh discontinues application trace of dependent modules
    Bug Web Modules can not create new relative-path-based resources underneath WEB-INF

    Improvement ServerOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext should be stored in the ServletContext under WebApplicationContext.ROOT_WEB_APPLICATION_CONTEXT _ATTRIBUTE
    Improvement dm Server logo on splash page isn't to the quality of the rest of the application
    Improvement Make HTTP access logging configurable on a per-application basis and allow access logging to be disabled entirely
    Improvement Update the documentation to reflect the JMX changes
    Improvement Upgrade Tomcat to 6.0.18
    Improvement Improve JMX connection possibilities to be multi-host, but secure
    Improvement Admin screen should have a logout link
    Improvement Make the location of the bootstrap configuration directory configurable via a startup script options
    Improvement For better compatibility with Spring MVC, ServerOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext should be stored in the ServletContext under WebApplicationContext.ROOT_WEB_APPLICATION_CONTEXT _ATTRIBUTE
    Improvement Issue ApplicationBundleUndeploying/Undeployed/Deploying events in addition to Deployed on refresh
    Improvement If running platform session is closed and again trying to start the server then it is not possible to start and saying unable to start OSGi telnet console. Port 2401 is in use.
    Improvement Make Java 5 profile behave like the Java 6 profile
    Improvement Web application access logs should be prepended with "dm-Server" instead of "AP"
    Improvement Remove the programmatically created JMX Connector Server and use one provide by the JRE instead

    Sub-task ServerOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext should return ContextResources instead of UrlResources for calls to getResources() whenever possible
    Sub-task Fix Maven duplicate bundle issue in 1.0 stream
    Sub-task @Resource fails to wire bean
    Sub-task Verify support for JavaMail and the Java Activation Framework using Spring in WARs
    Sub-task Create Tomcat Juli Extras jar for 6.0.18
    Sub-task Verify support for JavaMail and the Java Activation Framework in web modules

    Task User Guide: describe perApplicationLogging in the Tomcat configuration
    Task Programmer Guide: update regarding ServerOsgiBundleXmlWebApplicationContext and ROOT_WEB_APPLICATION_CONTEXT_ATTRIBUTE
    Task User Guide: update Tomcat configuration
    Task Add a new wrapper for the OSGi service tracker as it is used in both the serviceability and the dm-server
    Task Upgrade to Spring 2.5.6.A


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      Are there any bug numbers associated with these? Some of them look interesting but I'm not sure exactly what was fixed. For example: "Bug NullPointerException during Import-Bundle and Import-Library processing"

      I couldn't find that anywhere in the issue tracker